Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day - TimTam - TimTam Slam - Books for Life Contest!

Apparently today is Australia Day!

I ate a TimTam which is apparently Australia's favorite cookie (at least according to Pepperidge Farms.) This said I want to shout out to my favorite Australian family the Wilmots, and contributor to The Quest for Truth blog Michael Wilmot. Next up the TimTam Slam! The what?

So here is a challenge for those of you who are in the Win Books For Life Contest! Run to your local store and buy some TimTams then do the Timtam Slam; which is biting off both ends and sucking cocoa up through the TimTam like a straw! Then of course email your pictures to me! 500 points to those of you who send them in!

QuestForTruthContest (at) gmail (dot) com. Of course, when you email, replace the above (at) with the @ symbol and the word (dot) with an actual (.)


Jesse said...

Hey Brock, Is my copy of Howlsage a mess up, because the back talks about Tyler, but I thought that It was Taylor.

Brock Eastman said...

Jesse actually the entire first print run had a misprint by the publisher. They didn't change the name on the BCC to Taylor from Tyler. Until they reprint the book, that's all we got.

Jesse said...

Okay, I'm enjoying Howlsage though

Brock Eastman said...

I am so glad to hear that! Risk will ship to you as soon as it arrives. Very excited about it coming out!