Sunday, September 20, 2009


Contest postponed until after WTB's contest is over...

Buy the book only $9.99

This Contest will not Start until we have 50 players and will run for two months following.


Can you break the Code and win the prize? In the next few weeks I will be launching a new contest. This time I have even better prizes to award. What are they?

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a copy of Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire, a copy of Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow, a copy of Passages: Darien’s Rise audio dramatization, as well as a copy of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters.

The First Runner-Up will get a copy of Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow as well as an AIO Kidsboro Sampler CD.

The Second Runner-Up will receive a mystery prize…

So there are three prizes in all to win! That means more opportunities. So you ask “How do we play?”

First of all before the contest officially starts we need to have 50 people signed up. The contest will begin two days after we get 50 people signed up. From there the contest will last for two months!

How do I earn points? There will be several ways to earn points, some are in the below list, and some will be added throughout the two months of the contest.

50 points each:

1. Get a friend to leave a comment and join the contest. (Friend must mention you) (Repeatable and can start being banked before contest starts)

2. Get a friend to become a follower of the blog. (Repeatable)

3. Post about the contest on your own blog. (Only earned once and can start being banked before contest starts)

4. Comment on any new posts after the contest begins. (Only counts once per post)

5. Read the 2 Chapter Preview and post about it on your blog. (Only earned once)

6. Rate and Review the 2 Chapter Preview on LuLu. (Only earned once)

7. Post a mention of the book and the link to order on facebook. (Only earned once per day)

8. Join the facebook group. (Only earned once)

9. Twitter about the book. (Only earned once per week)

10. Scavenger Hunt Bonus. (Only earned once)

11. Join the Shelfari group. (Only earned once)

12. Twitter about the contest. (Only earned once per week)

13. Add me to your twitter - @bdeastman. (Only earned once)

250 points each:

1. Complete the Scavenger Hunt. (Only earned once)

300 points each:

1. Post a review of Taken on LuLu. (Only earned once)

2. Post a review of Taken on your blog. (Only earned once)

1000 points each:

1. Buy a copy of the book. (Repeatable)

2. Send me a picture of you with your copy of the book to (Only earned once)

3. Buy a copy of the book for your friend. (Repeatable)

4. Send me a picture of you and your friend with their copy of the book to (Only earned once per friend)

If you or a friend on your behalf does anything toward earning you points, they must send an email to


  1. What is the color of Mason’s eyes?
  2. What is the name of the ship that the Wikks use?
  3. What do “they say” about G.P. Taylor? Hint.
  4. What company posted my review on their site? Hint.
  5. What are two of the three places I skied this last winter? Hint and Hint.
  6. What was the best part of my climbing trip in Garden of the Gods?
  7. Where did Ashley and I go camping?
  8. What is the new project Focus is coming out with for teens about Christian Worldview?
  9. How many people did I say live in Eureka?
  10. Who did I go to the tractor pull with?
  11. What was the date that my wife and I took a picture with our hoods up, but ha no reason to do so?
  12. Who does the artwork for AIO albums?
  13. What is the title of the upcoming album?
  14. What secret did I reveal about AIO that I was not suppose too?
  15. Alex MacFarland is known as the man that preached in all ___ ______ in ___ _____? (Fill in the blanks) Hint.
  16. Name 3 authors that I meant at ICRS?
  17. Name the authors that I had dinner with at Chili’s?
  18. What was the date and time of my first ever posting? (Bonus – Leave a comment and get an extra 50 points.)
  19. Who won the last contest and how did they win?
  20. What is the name of the evil group who kidnaps Oliver’s parents?
  21. Where did Oliver just return from?
  22. Have you bought a copy of the book?
  23. When will Ashley and I be celebrating our 2 year anniversary? Hint.
  24. What is the title of my “dream job?”
  25. What is my favorite soup from Panera?

Send answers to You will earn 10 points for every question you get correct, a possible total of 250.


jon m. said...

COOLNESS! I'm so entering... I'll post about it on my blog soon. Thanks!

Ivorydancer said...

It sounds really cool, but I don't think I can... I am in the middle of another contest and I really don't have time to do it! Thanks anyway though and I am following!

Rien Takhid said...

Ack! You would be doing this at the same time as Batson's newest contest for the release of "Curse of the Spider King." I can only concentrate on one contest at a time else I'd probably join this one. Particularly since "Screwtape Letters" is a prize.

I'm guessing you got the idea for this from Master Batson. And it is a good one. Care to join in the current Batson contest? You could join Swiftstorm tribe and relieve me of the dubious honor of being the oldest member!